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Command Conquer: Generals is a PC strategy game in real time in which you can play the part of the Chinese, the United States, or an Islamic terrorist organization.

As with other similar games, it offers action and adventure and provides you with a great dose of realism. Command and Conquer: Generals confronts three powerful armies which will create strategic, but unstable, alliances to beat their rivals. If you want to achieve final victory, you will have to combine different strategies and tactics and always be faster than your enemy.

This great game also supports both single and multiplayer modes and different gaming styles.

Different forces in Command & Conquer: Generals

As we already said, Command and Conquer: Generals is a real-time strategy game. It allows you to choose between three different armies: the Chinese forces, the Global Liberation Army - which is the Islamic organization - or the United States military.

You have to take the side of one of them in order to achieve victory and every army has to successfully complete seven missions.

For example, the tensions between China and the Islamic group start after a nuclear attack on Beijing. As a result, the Chinese carry out several assaults on the different GLA bases in the Pacific Ocean.

However, the United States will begin to attack important locations of the GLA in different and real life scenarios such as Baghdad or the Caspian Sea. However, the final objective of the US forces is to defeat China, who will eventually end up supporting the Islamic terrorists.

Similar games

As with any other real-time strategy game, Command and Conquer offers the same features as Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or Age of Empires III. All three games consist of expanding empires, beating enemies to achieve victory while allowing the player to use real-life strategies.

Command and Conquer: Generals Features

The unique features of this RTS game are listed below:

  • Realistic modern warfare with a wide collection of weaponry and strategies, including aircraft and Chinook helicopters
  • Complete 3D graphics with zoom and rotation camera
  • New tactics to apply: hit-and-run, suicide, use modern war machines with Aurora Strike Bombers, steal enemies’ supplies and vehicles
  • Three factions to play as: People’s Republic of China, Global Liberation Army (GLA) and United States of America
  • Each faction has updates to improve their units and gain access to high technology weapons and transport
  • Players can get Battle Honors to defeat their enemies
  • Multiplayer gameplay with improved matching, video replays, observer mode, New Communication and online Buddy List, plus true statistics to rank your games

For further information about C&C Generals visit the developer’s website .


Make the right decision when you choose the army you are fighting with and be careful of all the strategies that your enemies carry out because they are really powerful, so making one false move can cost you the whole war.

Some functions are restricted

  • Well detailed locations
  • Supports multiplayer
  • Different gaming styles
  • Short attack timer

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Defense your faction against the enemy troops in Command & Conquer Generals

By Benjamin White

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The classic strategy game series made its reappearance with Command & Conquer Generals, a 2003 game that takes almost intact the elements that turned this game into one of the main franchises for PC. With very detailed graphics and an outstanding soundtrack, the title features all the action you need on a strategy game, as well as a new story that has nothing to do with previous titles of the saga. Choose among the three available factions, the United States, China and the known as the Global Liberation Army, a terrorist group without a country that wants to eliminate the military forces of the other two superpowers.

In general terms, the gameplay has been improved since the action is faster than before but also lets you to think your next steps before acting. The campaign mode is long enough to make this game worth of your time, with great differences between all the available teams. Additionally, the multiplayer game mode increases its life until you get really bored of it after hundreds of games with your friends or other people online. Command & Conquer Generals is a recommended title for those strategy lovers that want to check the reboot of the classic series.


  • New models and graphics with the same essence
  • New models and graphics with the same essence
  • Great single player game mode


  • It is not very surprising